Stop Nestlé from sucking Ontario dry!

Update September 2016: Nestlé actually outbid the township of Wellington, Ontario, and snapped up the water rights to a local well.

Original text:

Over 85,000 SumOfUs members have already signed this petition to stop Nestlé’s water sucking ways. Will you help us get to 100,000 signatures?

Tell the leader of Canada’s largest province to reject Nestlé’s plan to suck Ontario dry.

In the last four years, Nestlé has upped its dangerous water extraction by over 33% from another of its wells in Ontario, Canada, while the water level has dropped by a staggering 1.5 meters.

Nestlé is on a rampage. Right now, it is fighting aggressively to control water wells across the entire region. As part of its strategy to acquire more wells, it just outbid a small township of 30,000 people that was trying to secure a sustainable water supply.

But we’re here to tell Nestlé that enough is enough — and it can’t seize our precious water for profit.

Across the globe, we’re taking on Nestlé and winning. We supported the tiny county of Hood River in Oregon to stop one of the biggest corporations in the world.

In Western Canada, Nestlé was sucking up millions of litres of groundwater for pennies while wildfires threatened the entire province. Hundreds of thousands of us stood up and said: “NO!” Thanks to us, the government was forced to agree to review the water rates.  Together we can stop Nestlé again.

Tell Premier Wynne we stand with the Wellington Water Watchers and the people of Wellington County: It’s time to say no to Nestlé.

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