Source: Ottawa Citizen date 26012016  rshore@postmedia.com

Kuterra, North America’s only land-based Atlantic salmon farm battled through technical and equipment issues in 2015, but the operators are edging close to covering production and overhead costs.
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The status was like this September 19th 2016:
Source: undercurrentnews, Seafood business news from beneath the surface

Canadian land-based salmon starts weekly harvests
To better meet the needs of the market, Canadian land-based salmon firm Kuterra is shifting from harvesting salmon every two weeks, to every week.

”Weekly harvests expand Kuterra’s market base,” said Guy Dean, VP/CSO of Albion Farms and Fisheries, which is Kuterra’s marketing partner and distributor.

”There’s interest in Kuterra salmon across North America and this investment in harvest infrastructure further opens Kuterra to those market opportunities.”

The increase in harvest frequency is made possible with investment in new harvest tanks. Previously Kuterra had just one harvest tank, from which it harvested salmon every two weeks.
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