Farmed Fish Caught by Local Fishermen

Fungal infection on farmed fish caught in the the wild

Fungal infection on farmed fish caught in the the wild

Fungal infection on farmed fish caught in the the wild

Fungal infection on farmed fish caught in the the wild

For several weeks now there has been a lot of fishing activity close to Älands fish farm in lake Västra Silen, Dalsland.  Ålands have been slaughtering around this time and would no doubt argue that of course there are likely to be a few Salmon who get away.

It is my opinion that there has been a break out of farmed fish – at times we could we could hear and see fish jumping in the lake and the amount of local and non local fishermen this has attracted –  points to only one conclusion.

These photos were taken on Saturday 2nd April 2016 approx 500 meters from Ålands fish farm in lake Västra Silen.  The two ’lucky’ fishermen who drove all the way from Fjällbacka on the West Coast to fish here caught 8 Salmon in an afternoon, just fishing from the shore.

If you look closely at the photos you can see evidence of two different types of fungal infection typical of farmed fish.

Escaped fish such as these are damaging the wild fish stocks by spreading disease, eating smaller wild fish and interbreeding thus weakening the genetics and destroying the local environment.

Where are the indigenous species – it’s hardly ever possible to catch a wild fish but it seems you always get a farmed fish on the line!

All the relevant authorities were contacted but as yet there has been no response.

In 2012, there was a mass escape and after persevering several meetings were held. It was decided that only a two year permit should be given to the fish farm instead of five years, that an environmental audit should be undertaken which would include sampling bottom lake sludge under the nets , samples taken from wild fish stocks, with an agreement to issue a longer permit after the bags were double netted to prevent further escapes.

All this was overridden by Jordbruk who gave a 10 year permit (five years more than normal!) the bottom sludge has not been sampled and now after yet another escape it appears the bags were not doubled at all!

So we move backwards rather than forwards.

We have learnt that self regulation is open to manipulation, deception and corruption. There clearly needs to be an investigation into why ’open net’ fish farming is being promoted by the Swedish Government, allowing the destruction of our lakes and coastal  environment with all the negative consequences of employment degradation, irretrievable wild fish stocks weakening and dying out of all associated dependant habitat.

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