Come and meet Scandinavian United Flytyers and Save the Baltic at Fly Fest!

The work of Save The Baltic is growing minute by minute. It´s time for us to spread the word outside the borders of the Baltic area. The big flyfishing film, tying and casting event Fly Fest is back in Rheged, England this October. One of our board members, Jim Wennmark, is also running a flyfishing and flytying project together with Olli Rautiainen that they call Scandinavian United Flytyers, ScUFt.

ScUFt has been invited to demo tie flies at Fly Fest on the 3:rd and 4:th of October and what better way to spread the word about our work than to dedicated salmon, seatrout and steelhead flyfishers from around the globe on one of the most recognized flyfishing events in Europe. If you are going to one flyfishing event this year it should be Fly Fest. Come and meet us there and see when Jim and Olli are tying flies and listen to the work we are doing and how you can contribute.

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