Escaped farmed fish tested positive for severe disease

”The fish had extensive skin ulcers and fin erosion, pale gills, and some fish had wounds. The fish had empty stomach bleeding internal organs, swollen spleen and bloody hindgut. ”

Published 02/08/2015 at 1:43 p.m. Updated 02/08/2015 at 16:15
Professor Are Nylund has examined escaped rainbow trout for Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers. Photo: Magne Turøy
Pancreas Disease (PD)

The disease affects Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout.
It is highly contagious and can be passed from one fish to or through the water.
A framed fish will lose your appetite and can become emaciated and get reduced harvest quality.
The disease can lead to acute heart failure in the fish.
It is estimated that PD costs the Norwegian salmon industry a billion dollars a year.

This is written in the final report by the analyzes of 15 rainbow trouts caught by Askøy.

But fish had more injuries than we could see with the naked eye.

– All the fish were positive for PD (Pancreas Disease journ.anm.). That it was detected in all came as a surprise to us. This poses a threat to wild fish and fry in rivers when spawning rainbow trout coming up there, says Alf Arne Bright, project manager for wild salmon in Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers.
– Should have been destroyed

The surveys are done by Are Nylund, a professor at the University of Bergen and one of the country’s foremost expert on fish diseases, commissioned by Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers.

”Skin abrasions showed large amounts of varying types of bacteria,” it also states the report.

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– These fish should to have been undergone emergency slaughter and desturert says Alf Arne Light.

Approximately 120,000 farmed fish has been on the run since extreme weather ”Nina” in January, according to the Directorate of Fisheries.
Suspected virus infection

Sjøtroll Aquaculture is the only company that has reported that they have lost the rainbow.

Over 60,000 will be on the run. The species is banned in Norway, and is native to North America.

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According to an article in the online newspaper was Sjøtroll fish health boss Bjarne Reinert, quick to confirm that the document that has not been proven PD virus at some of the many samples taken of fish from this site in the current production cycle.

Wednesday came, however, evidence that shows that Sjøtroll subsequently notified of suspicion about PD in one of the localities fish escaped, according to the online newspaper.

CEO Willy Berglund Sjøtroll Aquaculture would not comment Sunday this above BergensAvisen.

– Read Beyond that I have no more comment, enter the director in an SMS to BA.

Saturday broadcast TV 2:01 reportage, where among other Berglund shows how recapture near a construction going on.

– The strange thing here is that I can actually see that the fish displayed in the report does not resemble the ugly fish caught outside Askøy. Whoever Berglund showcase in the report looks relatively nice, says Alf Arne Light from Norwegian Association of Hunters and Fish Association.

Today there are farms even as reports to the Directorate of Fisheries if fish escape.

Sjøtroll Aquaculture is not the only facility in the area engaged in farming of rainbow trout.

– It may be the case here, is that some have also failed to report an escape. If this is the case it is a clear sign of how badly the current system actually is, says Alf Arne Light.

BergensAvisen has previously asked the Directorate of Fisheries this may be possible.

– Can you see past the fact that there may have happened escapes that are not reported?

– As long as the arrangement is such that farmers themselves must report it is difficult to look away sire. But we come to, and must, relate to the foundation we have, stated Hans Haddal Directorate of Fisheries to BA.

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