Alexandra Morton nominate the indefatigable warrior for wild salmon is Eddie Gardner

Eddie Gardner is a tireless wild salmon warrior. Every month he gathers people to stand in front of the giant supermarkets that sell farmed salmon to let people know the risk to our oceans and our health from eating farmed salmon. Eddie is kind, honourable, relentless and the best kind of ally wild salmon could have. He has been in this fight since 100 people paddled down the lower Fraser River in 2010 for 7 days and walked from the canoes into the Cohen Commission to make it clear the Commission should release the government farmed salmon disease records. Justice Bruce Cohen agreed and for the first time ever, anywhere, these kind of records were released. This how the debate over ISA virus, the most lethal salmon virus known began. Eddie is a Skwah First Nation elder. You can see more of his work on his website:


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