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DamNation – Official Film Trailer

Here you get some info on what the researchers in Sweden say about hydropower. In Sweden there are about 2,500 dams for hydropower,  about 3% have fishways. (See map)

Our Baltic Sea has major problems with eutrophication and dead zones. More recently, (the world’s largest dead zones) researchers have also begun to see the connections with hydropower and the starvation that all species received in the Baltic Sea.

We from Save The Baltic salmon therefore wrote a letter to Al Gore about the ”green” energy, where we tried to explain to him about the problems that we ”believe” water power has on our environment. The reason we wrote to Al Gore is that he is an important person for all climate experts in Sweden. He’s book An Inconvenient Truth is like a bible for climate experts..and for power companies.

Please read our text to Al Gore here: // Water power is a global environmental threat.

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