Nominate new candidates to Mrs and Mr Save The Baltic Salmon

Water is the basis of all life, and we want to nominate new candidates for the award Mr. And Mrs. Baltic Salmon. We are looking for those who come up with the best actions and proposals for clean and healthy water and healthy habitats underwater. The list of previous appointees think we are almost starting to look like a collection of potential candidates for the ”Nobel Peace Prize” because clean water is and will become increasingly scarce, while clean water for all people is one of several conditions to avoid conflicts within and between states. All these people have one thing in common and that is that they understand the importance of living water, that we want to call it holy water. New sponsors are all welcome to support our work.

Hannu Lehtonen Isabella Lövin Don Staniford Marie Persson Jasper Pääkkönen Christer Borg Joakim Odelberg Alexandra Morton Thomas Johansson Elizabeth Johansson

Special thanks Johan Thomasson and Bo Thomasson who made ​​this possible


Send them to

Umeå | Tfn: 090–14 80 95 | Fax: 090–14 80 45

Umeå | Tfn: 090–14 80 95 | Fax: 090–14 80 45

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