We can change this? Yes we can!

On top of recent doctors and scientists warning pregnant women and children to avoid farmed salmon, the product you see in the stores may have also gone through some horrific torture before ending up as your sushi, dinner filet or pet food…The fish farmers worldwide, including BC, have a deadly sea lice problem that’s become so resistant to all their drugs, that they’re now using Hydrogen peroxide to burn the lice off their fish…they bathe them in it for 20 to 30 minutes and many die from the shock…This is extremely cruel and would not be happening if they were simply moved out of the ocean and into land based closed containments…So I have an idea on how to raise awareness for mass boycotting of this industry until they move onto land. It’s an idea for a commercial that everyone who’s heard it agrees, is truly so funny it’s sure to go viral on the internet…it’s sexy, clean, funny and memorable…and here’s where I’m asking for your help…


This picture is from the Dept of fisheries and Oceans website.

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