Denmark is responsible for the salmon cruelty on Bornholm!

Tragicomic that during a competition going to kill four fish per day per boat!
Over three hundred boats participating in the salmon slaughter on Bornholm!
Money controls the sport as such and one forgets the responsibility.

Bornholm the last great salmon exterminators


hämtaPurely utilitarian, it is to kill over 5,000 salmon that can be from rivers where the existence of the level already is alarming! Last year was the 1412 salmon equal to 5% of Swedish commercial fishery total catch in an entire year.

Denmark has (Skjern å, Ribe å, Varde å and Storåen) with salmon.  And when it’s for pleasure, I think this is purely out of the range. Would you get a bigger salmon, one can dump the smaller into the Baltic then the salmon that you caught earlier. The competition is a great stunt that could become a major cultural event, for me it’s just bitter drops.

Denmark takes no responsibility for vulnerable rivers in Finland and Sweden! Is this fair sportfishing?

With simplicity and clarity had race organizers have been able to sanctify the wild salmon from the massacre! So they fish on safe stock. Today, the numbers of the wild population is over 80%. If not racing line manages to pacify weak stocks by nurturing among constituent fishing EU must step into this question. The question is whether this ratio is included in the Danish salmon quota? We research on that question. At a full capture of all three hundred participants, this corresponds to approximately 30 tonnes of salmon based on an average weight of about 6 kg and it is on the low side counting, last year catch over 10 tons. In other competitions in Sweden they have introduced more and more competitions to utilize catch and relese. Today there are so good possibility that with simple methods to have water onboard which makes it possible to oxygenate the water in a large bowl with built-in metrics, longest fish of meters win the race. This can be immortalized on film.

Den här rödingen har simmat här i 4 timmar redan. Den vägdes in senare under dagen. Funkar tom att ta in fisken levande!

Den här rödingen har simmat här i 4 timmar redan. Den vägdes in senare under dagen. Funkar tom att ta in fisken levande!

In my way of thinking, this racing quota included in Denmark fishing quota,and comparable to commercial fishing.




Trolling Master Bornholm 2014 will take place from Wednesday 30th to Saturday, May 3rd.


The goal is simple, it must be caught salmon. Each boat can weigh up to four fish per day. Largest salmon wins the first prize of SEK 75,000. There is also a prize for the best boat – and this year an additional premium to the first fisherman who weighs a salmon of exactly 10 kg. Read the rules for more information.

For the first time since its start in 2005, Trolling Master Bornholm reached a maximum of 300 participants. The port has since promised to clear a bit more – and enrollment ended with 331 participating boats. Over 850 anglers registered for the four-day competition.
Have you been involved in nine years – you’re signed up again in 2014? We want to hear from you. Send an email to – often with little detail about specific experiences that you have fished with and like.


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Board of Directors of Save The Baltic Salmon and Kenneth Karlsson




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