Do not touch our toxic fish

Here is the politician who fires up for the Swedes’ right to eat dioxin- poisoned fermented herring – but that ’s chilly set of most hearty climate action . Anna Maria Corazza Bildt (M) is the bottomhit in our environmental review of the Swedish EU politicians .






Here are two examples of how Corazza Bildt voted in the EU.  Should the EU increase the price of allowances , so that companies actually pay when they pollute the planet? Yes, thought most Swedish EU politicians . No, according to Corazza Bildt.

Should the EU have binding targets for energy efficiency , then stop wasting energy ? Yes, according to most EU politicians. No thanks , voted Corazza Bildt.

Besides having voted against the many good environmental proposals , so have Corazza Bildt nor driven many environmental issues herself. Swedish EU politicians have, on average, presented 18 environmental proposals while in office, Corazza Bildt only presented eight .

One of them is about reducing food waste and we want to give a huge thumbs up for . ”I say basta to food wastage ! ” …shouts Corazza Bildt and we question her. But the planet requires more commitment to the environment than that of one politician. And we keep on struggeling to engage more of them. We need more politicians to engage on the environment and the problems to solve them. Soon it will be to late!!!

Och kom ihåg att ‪#‎miljörösta‬ den 25 maj.

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