Which country won? Finland or Sweden?

When 742 mining companies answered about which country is the best in the world for mining, Sweden is the WINNER! Sweden has the lowest mining taxes, perfect infrastructure, the government serves with detailed maps about all the minerals to be found, where and in what amount, no hussle getting the permits, and if any environmental crisis happen there are no adverse consequences for the company. There are no companies that have  had to pay for the cleanup.

Sweden has scored the highest of the Fraser Institute’s ’report card’ on governments’ policies toward the mining industry. The following top mining spots are: Finland, Alberta, Ireland, Wyoming, Western Australia, New Brunswick, Nevada, Newfoundland & Labrador, Norway.

The least attractive countries for minings are:  Indonesia, Venezuela, Argentina, Kyrgystan.

The Swedish government has high goals in its mining strategy: the government does not care about anything else but the amount of jobs created. The calculations does not take into account the adverse environmental effects: how is this affecting other busineses or the quality of life for the people in that area.  The lakes and rivers are destroyed for hundreds of years. Neither does this calcution include the cost of the cleanup  the goverment has to do after the mining companies have left the country.

How fast can all of this happen, before anybody wakes up?

How many active mining companies Sweden has soon?

How fast is the nature destroyed for ever?

Below the goals of the government for the coming 14 years:

Svergiges regeringes aggressiva mål för antalet mining för de kommande 14 åren

Svergiges regeringes aggressiva mål för antalet mining för de kommande 14 åren


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