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Welcome to Save the Baltic salmon. The group was established in February 2010. 
Impressive is what happens when we stand United for a jointly goal.Clean water, vibrant genetic diversity and healthy habitats for fish and the Holy waters.
United in working for a better future.
The protection of a sustainable non-toxic fishing in the Baltic Sea and its tributaries by ensuring future generations of biological species diversity in rivers and seas and especially wild salmon and wild sea trout conservation.o promote the free fish migration routes introduced cross the region.
Strive for harder common laws and controls on the Baltic rivers and streams, through international cooperation across borders to create the conditions for equal laws, checks and penalties everywhere.Recreational net fishing has to use labeled nets using modern technology. To avoid ghost nets and poaching, that means we will work for international laws for the use of transmitters for tracking nets!We are for quotas in the rivers, creeks and small rivers, for sustainable fishing, sport fishing quota to be drawn in from the safe ratio of flowing water, and the totals will be included in the Tac. (The Total Amount of all country’s Catch) Then we can act with the redemption and resolve to secure the stocks in both river and at sea!

We will work for an enlarged ecotourism industry. This contributes to a local and national safeguarding the environment and biodiversity.

OrganizationA party and religion independent NGO lobby group that cares about a sustainable non-toxic fishing in the Baltic Sea and its tributaries.
Our group will be operated in the foundation form for a more independent of government.Our work with Baltic Salmon depends on voluntary work. Voluntary work has helped to build and strengthen our societies. We are aiming to use crowdsourcing while redeveloping this fine tradition for the internet age.



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