Ms SAVE THE WORLD / SALMON Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton is a real life salmon hero.  She’s an inspiration to thousands of wild salmon warriors around the world.


Alexandra Morton is to salmon like Dian Fossey was to gorillas and Jane Goodall is to chimpanzees.

She is spearheading a salmon revolution not just in British Columbia but also around the globe.

Daniel Pauly, director of the Fisheries Center at the University of British Columbia, called her “a spunky hero” in The New York Times.

Watch Alexandra in action via a New York Times video: ”Alexandra Morton’s Salmon Fight

And watch Alexandra lift the lid on the can of worms that is salmon farming in the documentary ”Salmon Confidential

Check out her new web-site via


Read more via:

One woman’s struggle to save B.C.’s wild salmon

Dr. Alexandra Morton, biologist-wild salmon activist

Scientist at work: Alexandra Morton



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