I wish to nominate Don Staniford

The oceans need our voice, so it feels natural to have a nominee on issues that ultimately affects us all! the farmed salmon threatens not only us as consumers, it threatens all fish in our seas. Viruses, illnesses and the depletion of world oceans has brought us to nominate an outsider in these important issues. Therefore, we have consulted some of the work on these issues, there are lots of people who do good things for the issues and this is a testament to all salmon heroes.         Team SAVE THE BALTIC SALMON / Kenneth Karlsson
 To the committee of Save the Baltic Salmon:
I wish to nominate Don Staniford for your ’Save the Baltic Salmon – Hero of the Year Award 2012’
Don is an intelligent, honest, diligent hard-working young man who has dedicated his entire working career to an effort to
eradicate the problems caused by open pen salmon farming in the world’s oceans.
I have seen Don’s work at first hand since he started his campaign and have followed his progress across the planet as he has visited many countries from Scotland, England, ROI, US, Canada, Chile, Northern Europe and onward. He has enlightened millions of people worldwide to the real situation on these farms and has debunked the science sent to the public by the corporations which profit from these feedlots. He has exposed the dreadful state of the ecology local to the farms – loss of native and migratory species; massive concentrations of parasites; use of insecticides, pesticides, antibiotics, carcinogenic dyes and anti-fungal treatments; untreated wastes settling on the sea bed under the battery units; the recording of the world’s first oceanic algal blooms in the areas around the cages- also further afield, the rape of the ocean’s food chain to feed these caged mutants at a poor ratio of weight gain. Thus Don shows us that we have a global problem on a very large scale.
Don has taken the word of Bruce Sandison, Alexandra Morton and his many supporters and used truthful science to show millions across the world that these farming practices must be discontinued in their current mode. He made a significant contribution to the Report to British Columbia’s Cohen Commission which in October 2012 recommended that severe measures must be taken in order to protect the wild salmon of BC.
All of this has been achieved on a shoestring budget whilst faced with the wrath and resistance of international corporations and misdirected and uninformed government departments. Please appreciate that this path is not an easy one and that Don could have chosen a successful career in business – instead choosing to protect our planet and that he continues to maintain a sense of humour.
In the light of his unswerving dedication to the health of our global ecology and specifically in regard to his work on protecting wild salmon,
I ask your Committee to celebrate Don Staniford as your Hero of The Year for 2012.
Thank you for accepting my nomination
Roy Christie
Northern Ireland
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